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Ideas, creation and equestrian choreography: Sophie Bienaimé

Co-production: Virginie Bienaimé and Sophie Bienaimé

Texts: Virginie Bienaimé & Boris Alestchenkoff

Costume design and creation: Monika Mucha

Decoration: Michel Blancard

Saddelry designer : Marie-Line Blondieau

Lights: Marie Bellot

Sound control: Cécile Troisfontaine

The comedian: Boris Alestchenkoff

The Vaulters: Benjamin Grain, Evelyne Laurent and Virginie Bienaimé

The riders of the Musée Vivant du Cheval: Sophie Bienaimé, Raphaèle Chevalier, Elodie Jacquet, Sophie Justin, Audrey Lacourt, Nathalie Lecoultre, Morgane Michot, Blandine Nicot, Cristina Garcia-Rios and Caroline Vitry.

The horses:

The Friesian: Wietze

The Oldenburg: San Cipriano

The Schwarzwälder: Federkiel

The Percheron: Otacho

The Comtois: Queluz

The Normand: Tigger

The Lusitanians: Nazar de la Veronne, Ossado, Torrao, Xerif, Zanzibar and Remacho

The Andalusians: Picasso, Orpheo, Tempo, Jerico and Limonero

The Menorquin: Nectar

The Shetland Ponies: Chiquito, Pedro and Romain

The Mini-Shetland Ponies: Champion, Ramses and Rigolo

The Welsh Ponies (half-brothers): Kalin and Kéfir

The Donkey: Séraphin

English version Programme.pdf